Pizzeria Antica  is widely regarded as Bloomingdale's best pizza. Here are some reviews Pizzeria Antica has received in recent years:

YUM! I have a new favorite pizza place. Been searching forever to find a crispy, crunchy thin crust and they have it! The smell of the pizza when I opened the box brought back memories of the pizza from the old neighborhood pizza parlor. Been searching for years to find a pizza that could rival the taste of the neighborhood pizza and they have done it!

Arugola pizza and the panzerotti are GREAT!
THumbs up for Pizzeria Antica..my favorite Traditional Italian pizza. THe place has a couple tables to dine in as well...very cute

One of our absolute favorite pizza places!  We adore the pizza, and have to recommend you also keep room ready for the appetizer of Prosciutto e Bocconcini --it's an herbed flatbread served with Prosciutto and fresh made Bocconcini cheese (much like fresh Mozzerella, but all the better!) ‚Äč